Are you and your business ready for 2021?

First of all wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2021. I am so looking forward to put 2020 behind me and start looking ahead and explore new opportunities given our challenges.

I believe with 2020 and COVID - 19 (#covid) , we kind of were given more time to sit back, slow down, reflect, and begin to enjoy the simple things we all have in our lives and been taking them for granted.

I myself started to notice the beauties around me, for example in my garden, or the near by park. Looking at a beautiful rose in my garden and really appreciating the colors and the complexities in creating one rose. Before, C-19, my day was a series of rushed tasks between being a mum, an wife and a successful senior business manager helping many businesses with their new product launches. Setting success metrics for post launch and reporting back to the investors.

However, during the past few months, with less travelling and commuting to our office, I had more time to put aside and develop a blue print as to what constitutes best practice (#best practice) for a successful product launch in your home country/ market or outside your country and in the international markets. It became imperative that no matter how good the " Go To market" Strategy and planning was, it would be no good if the new product had not been fully tested or debugged.

In today's world, customers are generally impatient and cant be bothered with a product if it does not do what says on the tin. They quite rightly want it to work, and simple to use. They want the design and their experience to be easy, simple and delightful

(#customer experience). So, it is very important that the product gets tested (#testing) thoroughly and in as many use case scenarios as possible.

The customer experience is vital to the success of your product launch (#launch of new product). It starts from the point of purchase (#buy), receiving it, and using it. If it delivers the proposition promise, then your customer is delighted (#customer) and they would be the best advocate (#advocate) of your product to their friends and families. In a way, they would be your unpaid sales, promoting (#promotion) your product, telling their own stories about your product and how it helped them solving their challenge. And this, in turn increase your market share and your expected revenues.

Clearly, this is almost like a dream coming true for any business , that with launch of a new proposition, their customers are delighted, reducing their customer churn (#churn) to their competition, and building a base of loyal customers(#loyalty) to your brand.

If you need any further information, or have questions or concerns about launching your new product or service, do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to help.

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